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President, CEO & Director

Mr. Berdusco is a senior executive officer and board member in the public and private sectors. Over the past 20 years he has applied his expertise to corporate restructurings, reverse-take-overs, board oversight, strategic planning, corporate management and project financing. The last ten-year years he has fulfilled the position of Chief Executive Officer for a number of junior resource companies that trade on the TSX Venture Exchange. During his tenure as CEO, he has successfully raised capital and financed mining projects in the Americas and in Africa. Mr. Berdusco brings the executive acumen needed to achieve the exploration upside and mining potential that the Marudi project possesses.

Independent Director

Mr. Edward Rochette is a worldwide recognized Mining Executive, Land Manager, a member of the Oregon State Bar Association and former CEO of East Asia Minerals. He is best known in the mining industry in his role of Senior Vice President of Ivanhoe Mining ltd. where he spent 25 years negotiating and acquiring various projects in over 35 countries. Over the course of his tenure he has worked in over 50 countries and is responsible for the acquisition of world class mining properties, including Monywa copper mine in Myanmar, Bong Mieu gold mine in Vietnam, Bakyrchik gold mine in Kazakhstan, Oyu Tolgoi copper mine in Mongolia and the Miwah gold project in Indonesia.
At Nerco Minerals, Mr. Rochette was responsible for 14 western territories and left his legacy in the form of consolidating and reopening the Cripple Creek mining district, currently owned by Newmont Mining and home to a 13 million ounce gold reserve.
Mr. Rochette continues to consult for Mr. Robert Friedland, founder and Executive Co-Chairman of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd., conducting mineral acquisitions in Utah, Nevada, Arizona and China. His expertise and industry knowledge is invaluable to the Company.

CFO & Director

Mr. Davis is Chartered Professional Accountant and a partner of Cross Davis & Company LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, a firm focused on providing accounting and management services for publicly listed companies. His experience includes CFO positions of several companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and his past experience consists of senior management positions, including four years at Appleby as an Assistant Financial Controller. Prior to that, he spent two years at Davidson & Company LLP Chartered Professional Accountants as an Auditor, five years with Pacific Opportunity Capital Ltd. as an Accounting Manager and two years at Jacobson Soda and Hosak, Chartered Professional Accountants. 

Independent Director

Mr. Stevens is a CFA charter holder with over ten years’ experience in the capital markets, first as an Investment Analyst with Salman Partners Inc., then as a merchant and investment banker. While at Salman Partners, Mr. Stevens became a top-rated analyst by StarMine on July 17, 2007 for the metals and mining industry. Over the course of his career, Mr. Stevens has been instrumental in assisting in financing’s and M&A activity worth over $1 billion in transaction value.


Ms. Liu is currently a marketing director of Gold Mountains Asset Management Limited. Prior to joining Gold Mountains Asset Management Limited, Ms. Liu worked at the Zijin Mining Group as an investment manager between 2010 and 2014, where she was responsible for direct investments. Prior to this, she worked at the China Development Bank from 2014 to 2015, where she specialized in making direct investments in the resources sector and provided M&A advice for mining projects. Ms. Liu received a bachelor degree in Geology Engineering from the Jilin University in 2007 and a master degree in Mineral Resources Engineering from the RWTH Aachen University in 2010, a master degree in Mineral Resource Management from the Exeter University in 2010 and a master degree in Geology Engineering from the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) in 2011.