Guyana Goldstrike is exploring and developing the Marudi Mountain Gold Property located in Guyana, South America; an advanced-stage exploration and development property with a fully permitted mining license.

The property lies within the Guiana Shield which underlies Venezuela, Guyana (previously British Guiana), Suriname (previously Dutch Guiana) and French Guiana (or Guyane), as well as parts of Colombia, and Brazil.

The Guiana Shield is host to a multitude of gold deposits in the region of the world with similar geology to West Africa.

The majority of gold deposits in the Guyana Shield lie within a northern belt that stretches from Venezuela to French Guiana. The Marudi Mountain property lies to the south of this belt and the company is of the opinion that it is within a newly identified, southern gold belt.

The company's near-term primary objectives are the production of gold from saprolite (weathered rock), further exploration and development of the gold potential of the hard-rock (weakly weathered) host on the Marudi property. Secondary objectives are the identification and exploration of other properties along the southern belt.